spiritual healing

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spiritual healing

the use of spiritual practices, such as prayer, for the purpose of effecting a cure of or an improvement in an illness.

faith healing

An alternative form of healthcare in which therapy consists of entrusting the healing process to a “higher” (God in the Judeo-Christian construct) or other power(s) through prayer. In faith healing, active medical or surgical interventions are generally not administered, and if the patient deteriorates or dies, it may be viewed as the will of God.

spiritual healing,

n healing systems based on the principle of spirituality and its effect on well-being and recovery.
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Spiritual healing system.
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The cross-cultural distribution of essentially identical shamanistic practices and beliefs implies a biological basis for these spiritual healing practices.
For me, spiritual healing is the highest level of healing.
In this revised and expanded version of Bengt Hoffman's earlier book, Luther and the Mystics (Augsburg, 1976), he gives a substantial survey of Martin Luther's thoughts and writings that deal with the reality of the invisible: angels, occultism, spiritual healing, and life after death (Part 1), and Luther's view of God, human beings, and salvation (Part 2).
Now at the age of 57, he uses his spiritual healing to help people as well as animals with physical and emotional problems.
According to a recent survey, more than 70 percent of breast cancer patients have used some form of complementary therapy, including dietary supplements, spiritual healing practices, herbal remedies, acupuncture or massage.
call upon for spiritual healing, Mother Johnson takes Shirley to live in
For Paradise Found on UTV today will document Margi's journey of spiritual healing in Orlagh Catholic retreat and convent in Co Dublin.
The believer also hopes to receive the gifts of interpreting these tongues, giving prophecies, and receiving and bestowing spiritual healing.
Sect followers believe in mending broken hearts and minds through spiritual healing.
We're in need of spiritual healing and I hope that the Truth and Reconciliation Commission will set this healing in motion,' said Prof Meiring.
Harpur notes that by measuring the results of Estebany's laying of hands upon wounded mice, barley shoots and yeast, Brad was scientifically able to prove the effectiveness of spiritual healing.

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