spiritual healing

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spiritual healing

the use of spiritual practices, such as prayer, for the purpose of effecting a cure of or an improvement in an illness.

faith healing

An alternative form of healthcare in which therapy consists of entrusting the healing process to a “higher” (God in the Judeo-Christian construct) or other power(s) through prayer. In faith healing, active medical or surgical interventions are generally not administered, and if the patient deteriorates or dies, it may be viewed as the will of God.

spiritual healing,

n healing systems based on the principle of spirituality and its effect on well-being and recovery.
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Spiritual healing system.
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They respond more deeply and empathetically to insights from sharers who've gone through the gauntlet, stumbled along the way, but in the end joined hands and hearts with God to achieve physical and spiritual healing.
returns with a final chapter, "Concluding Integration," which gathers the insights of previous chapters and concludes by placing the current interest in spiritual healing in a broad social and historical context.
Chapter 3 evaluates the way the church has regarded spiritual healing in its development through the centuries, while chapter 4 discusses mystical Judaism and its influence on spiritual healing in that specific religious community.
There are a number of excellent reviews of studies of religious and spiritual healing and the nature, functional properties, and efficacy of various healing modalities (37).
Bailey says: "I bought Spiritual Healing purely on looks - she really is a smasher.
Clearly, understanding spiritual healing requires a more expansive cosmological view of how the universe works than that provided by contemporary scientific paradigms.
45pm on Wednesday and spiritual healing from 7-9pm on Tuesday and 2.
Local food became more than nourishment; it grew into a recipe for environmental and spiritual healing.
There will also be people specialising in astrology, spiritual healing and angel readings as well as
instead, the Cancer Dancers are young dancers-in-recovery who have found mental, physical, and spiritual healing through dance.
The centre, a non-profit-making enterprise, is the first North East spiritual healing group of its kind to be awarded Lottery money.

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