lumbar puncture needle

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lum·bar punc·ture nee·dle

a needle, provided with a stylet, for entering the spinal canal or cisterna magna, with a bore of at least 1 mm and 40 mm or more in length.
Synonym(s): spinal needle
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Postdural puncture headache can be best explained by prolonged cerebrospinal fluid leakage occurring from the site of dural puncture created by the spinal needle during administration of spinal anaesthesia.
Objective: To see the efficacy of disposable spinal needle in diagnostic bone marrow aspiration.
This audit was undertaken to compare the effects of a 27 gauge pencil-point and a 27 gauge cutting-edge spinal needle on the incidences of involuntary movement, grimacing, spontaneous vocalisation and patient acknowledgement of experiencing a sensation at the moment of dural perforation, associated with 'needle through needle' CSE analgesia.
Mike Scarff of Las Vegas says that when you need to put in a paracervical block, place the spinal needle against the cervix and have the patient give you a big "smoker's cough," and she will push her cervix down onto the needle.
Cannula With Injection Port, Spinal Needle, Bp Blade, Disposable Three Way Stopcock, Endotracheal Tube 2.
Spinal needle designs continue to be studied and modified to reduce the incidence of PDPH in identified high risk groups.
Paramedian approach requires longer protrusion length of spinal needle than midline approach5.
She was premedicated with 1 mg midazolam and a subarachnoid block was performed at the L3-L4 interspace using a 25 G pencil-point spinal needle with the patient seated.
A spinal needle (20-25 gauge) and 5mL syringe were used to deliver the drug.
Subarachanoid block was performed with a single attempt at L3 to L4 level using a 25 gauge spinal needle in the left lateral position using 12.
Arrow SureBlock(TM) Spinal Anesthesia Trays: Safety-engineered in compliance with the latest guidelines from OSHA and JCAHO, SureBlock trays feature the Sprotte(R) Spinal Needle.
Tenders are invited for Spinal Needle No 23 Disposable

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