spinalis (muscle)

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spi·na·lis (mus·cle)

the medial component of the erector spinae muscle; it is composed of the spinalis capitis, spinalis cervicis, and spinalis thoracis muscles.
Synonym(s): musculus spinalis [TA], spinal muscle
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However, Lucy is stunned when she discovers Chris wants to be more than just a donor, then there's another bombshell when both of them realise they are spinal muscle atrophy carriers.
These are the motor neurons that die in diseases like Lou Gehrig's disease and that are linked to a genetic disorder in children known as spinal muscle atrophy," Bonanomi said.
That goal saved my life,'' said Goodman, who was diagnosed with spinal muscle atrophy as an infant and has used an iron lung since he was 11.
Research has found that the human body has the ability to activate or inhibit specific areas of the brain so a health problem - such as anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, spinal muscle dysfunction, fibromyalgia, balance, high blood pressure, excessive weight gain, etc.
The Complete System is Designed to Target, Isolate, and Strengthen the Spinal Muscle Groups During Brief Exercise Sessions
Garda Daly said: "I'm still out of work after eight months and I have back injuries and damage to my spinal muscle.
Dr Nick Caplan, a reader in health and rehabilitation in the University's Department of Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation, said: "Because spinal muscles waste away when astronauts are in space, the European Space Agency's Space Medicine Office has prioritised spinal and core health as one of its key developmental areas.
Johnsen after two of his own back surgeries failed, the Back App chair has been clinically proven to relieve pain, stress, and pressure on the discs and spinal muscles while stimulating core strength.
The Back Thing supports the spinal muscles and prevents sitting in a slouched-over position, which over-stretches the spinal ligaments and strains the back, creating the discomfort.
A physical therapist will prescribe abdominal strengthening exercises to help take the load off spinal muscles.
If you have found Spinal curves, tilt or rotation of the head, shoulders, or hips, or if there are tight spinal muscles or tender/painful areas on the spine itself, your child should be further evaluated for VSC by a Family Chiropractor.