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I had a spinal headache after having a spinal anaesthetic and had to go back for a blood patch.
Fifteen women (16%) had a final diagnosis of spinal headache.
For example, think of supporting a woman who has chosen to have an epidural and then has a serious side effect, such as hypotension, fetal distress, or spinal headache.
Mahendru and his staff at Pain Specialists of Austin administer cutting edge technologies effective in relieving pain in these areas: abdominal, back, head, neck, shoulder, arm, cancer, arthritis, causalgia, central pain syndromes, chest wall pain, chronic ischemic pain, chronic prostatitis, coccygodynia, costochrondritis, entrapment neuropathies, intercostal neuralgia, myofacial pain syndrome, neuromas, occipital neuralgia, pain following back and neck surgeries, disk herniations pain, fibromyalgia, peripheral nerve disorders, shingles, pelvic pain, phantom limb pain, post-herpetic neuralgia, post-myelogram or spinal headache, post surgical scar pain, post-traumatic pain, reflex sympathetic dystrophy (CRPS), TMJ pain, sacroiliitis, sciatica and spinal stenosis.
Spinal headache occurred in 4% Of cases despite the routine use of atraumatic spinal needles.
Narrow gauge bullet-tip or pencil-point anesthesia needles (24 to 27 gauge) reduce the incidence of spinal headache after a dural puncture.
4,6,7,9) Post spinal headache occurring with CSE block can be managed by IV infusion of fluids.
Table 3 shows severity, onset of time and duration of spinal headache.
It is difficult to assess to what extent spinal headache is due to or accentuated by psychic factors.