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, pl.


(spik'yū-lŭm, -lă),
A spicule or small spike.


/spic·u·lum/ (spik´u-lum) pl. spic´ula   [L.] spicule.


n. pl. spicu·la (-lə)
A small needlelike structure, such as a copulatory organ in a nematode.
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15) irregularly rounded apically; endosoma simple with distinct secondary gonopore and a single, straight, spiculum, only slightly curving at the apex.
DIAGNOSIS: Recognized by the ovoid and comparatively tumid body, light castaneous general coloration, obscure spots on the apical part of the corium and the membrane, usually darkened basal part of the metafemur, generally chocolate brown abdomen, distinct blade and weakly curved spiculum of the endosoma, and somewhat narrowed sclerotized rings.
Endosoma not much coiled, with a distinct apical blade and weakly curved spiculum.
3, 7); vesica with a single spiculum composed of a dorsal and a ventral portion (Fig.
5) composed of a dorsal and ventral portions, base of spiculum weakly sclerotized; dorsal portion of spicule shorter than ventral, from about one half to three-fourths the length of ventral portion, apex sclerotized, either straight or curved to the left in dorsal view, dorsal area weakly sclerotized; ventral portion of spicule with apex reaching or not apex of phallotheca, apex of ventral portion acute or expanded; sclerotized part of ductus seminis short, forming a single sclerotized unit, about half the length of dorsal portion of spicule and located close to its apex; when everted, spicule and sclerotized part of ductus seminis maintain relative position as in non-everted aedeagus (Fig.