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, pl.


(spik'yū-lŭm, -lă),
A spicule or small spike.


/spic·u·lum/ (spik´u-lum) pl. spic´ula   [L.] spicule.


n. pl. spicu·la (-lə)
A small needlelike structure, such as a copulatory organ in a nematode.
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Endosoma not much coiled, with a distinct apical blade and weakly curved spiculum.
DIAGNOSIS: Readily recognized by the totally pale orange, immaculate body, minutely punctate dorsum, comparatively long labium that is a little exceeding apex of the metacoxa, reddish or orange-pink suffusion of the posterior part of the membrane veins, and broadened and winding endosomal spiculum.
Endosoma broadly notched apically; spiculum broad but short, winding, with spatula-like apex.