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spher·ic (sph.),

Pertaining to, or shaped like, a sphere.
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Bright, pure color--in full, circular or spheric forms or vivid painterly dabs and patches--suggests both the brightness of childhood and the heightened sensation of the aesthetic moment: red tam, green balloon, gold medal, blotch of sunshine, white moon, balanced jug, doll's head, colorful carrousel, red hat, blue coat, patch of lawn.
To keep the lowest total interfacial energy, these small particles tend to keep spheric shape, thus the P(AN-co-VA) microspheres form.
My time with Spheric showed me exactly how important technology is in today's media buying industry and how it will further improve it moving forward.
1 standard for occupational safety -- Lens types to be available: single vision (finished spheric and semi-finished spheric and aspheric) and progressives (standard and short corridor) - on OEM basis and as Excelite TVX.
The Spheric process uses unique precursors and applies microwave in the drying and synthesis stages.
The amorphous phase is equally affected in all directions by the polarity of environmental elements, and this is equivalent to considering the spheric indicatrix representation [3].
MediaOcean, MediaPartnerships, Spheric Media, SQAD, and VCI
The new Spheric format will present text and other content horizontally across the page, rather than in the traditional vertical column format.
The subsidiary will also produce spheric lenses for SVG, thereby increasing production of Micrascan lens systems to meet ongoing customer demand.
The STAAR Afinity Collamer Aspheric IOL has proven to reduce spheric aberrations leading to improved visual acuity and increased contrast sensitivity.