sphagnum moss

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sphag·num moss

a highly absorbent moss used as a substitute for absorbent cotton or gauze in surgical dressing and sanitary napkins.
Synonym(s): muskeag moss, peat moss


Any low-growing green plant of the class Musci.

Iceland moss

An edible lichen, Cetraria islandica. It is a demulcent that has been promoted as a treatment for bladder, kidney and lung diseases.

Irish moss

1. Carrageen.
2. Carrageenan.

peat moss

1. Any moss of the large genus Sphagnum whose decomposed and compacted remains form peat. The moss is absorptive and acidic and inhibits growth of bacteria and fungi. Synonym: sphagnum moss
2. The decomposed and compacted remains of the mosses, used as a soil conditioner and as a dressing for wounds. It has also been used by some primitive people as a form of external menstrual protection. Synonym: sphagnum moss

sphagnum moss

Peat moss.
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Sphagnum peat moss is a natural organic material created in very humid conditions when plant debris, predominated by sphagnum moss, accumulates.
New Brunswick, NJ, announced plans to launch its sphagnum moss feminine hygiene product into the U.
Both Knighton and Fiegel have recently published their insights into the use of sphagnum moss to inhibit microorganism growth in water in the prestigious Water Conditioning and Purification International publication and the industry trade publication Pool & Spa News.
The conservation status of the site has, over the years, been under threat due to almost two centuries of heavy sulphate and nitrate pollution leading to the destruction or severe depletion of the essential sphagnum moss cover of these moors.
At the end of the last Ice Age, some 10,000 years ago, as the ice sheet retreated, plants – the most common being sphagnum moss – and trees, including dwarf oak, began to grow on the wetlands left behind.
Gently strip the rootball of soil and wrap the roots tightly in sphagnum moss, then a mix of moistened peat moss and bonsai soil, and finally regular moss (we found ours on nearby rocks).
Once again many of the 12,000 year old Mires' glinting ponds are brimming with dragonflies, while plants such as bog asphodel, sundews and sphagnum moss have been boosted, along with the prospects for wading birds like dunlin and curlew.
Made from sustainable sphagnum moss, the topiary rabbits, ducks, deer and foxes have all been planted using sedums which survive almost all weather conditions.
Sphagnum moss and sphagnum peat moss are not the same product, as many avid gardners know.
In addition, supplies of clean containers, fresh soil, and milled (ground) sphagnum moss, perlite or whatever material you normally use to cover the sown seed, labels, and clear plastic sheeting or plastic bags are all required and should be on hand.
CCW senior species protection officer Gill Bilsborough said: "There is concern that commercial pickers are plundering species such as sphagnum moss, which forms a vital protective layer for peat bogs, in large quantities.