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see spay.

spay, spey

to remove the ovaries. See also ovariohysterectomy.

spay hook
see spay hook.
spay spreader
a device with a spring loop, like a safety pin, at one end and an outcurving blade at the end of each arm. The blades are inserted into the spay incision and the arms released.
vaginal spay
ovaries are removed through a colpotomy incision; sometimes performed on mares.
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Having BEST to support our customers makes BizJet a reliable partner for your Rolls-Royce Spey and Tay engine needs.
We now have the opportunity through this acquisition to work with partners around the world and introduce the Spey brand elsewhere.
Rolls-Royce has provided various engines to power Gulfstream aircraft, including the Dart, Spey, Tay 611, Tay 611-8C and BR710 engines.
Spey Valley salmon is the first of a wave of products set to capitalise on Young's upmarket appeal.
Quite a few sailed from Liverpool, such as the Fal, the Spey and the Taff.
I really like the spey blade, as it offers a long straight edge for doing really important tasks: things like showing the little neighbor boy how to peel an orange in one long slice, or whittling a sharp point on an old stick.
Two nights from pounds 35 at Lynton, St Mawes, Grantown-on- Spey, Loch Lomond, Llanwrtyd Wells.
Greatly reducing the noise of the Rolls-Royce Spey 511-8 engine, the Really Quiet hushkit delivers noise levels that are below today's mandated regulations.
Bit of a culture shock then to look up and realise they're at tiny Cromdale Park in the remote Perthshire countryside watching last season's new recruits to the juniors Spey Valley.
The Sunday Mail/ American Golf Where Eagles Dare grand final takes place tomorrow at the stunning Spey Valley championship gol f course in Aviemore.
A Metropolitan Police search team on Spey Street, Poplar, east London after 16-year-old Ajmol Alom died following a knife attack
SUNDERLAND businessman John Mc-Donough has secured a deal which will see the single malt - Spey Whisky - sold in the US for the first time since 1920's prohibition.