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A peculiar fatty, waxy substance, chiefly cetin (cetyl palmitate), obtained from the head of the sperm whale, Physeter macrocephalus; used to impart firmness to ointment bases.
Synonym(s): cetaceum
[sperma- + G. ketos, whale]
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There were time x fence effects at the Spermaceti Cove site for dead and missing clams ([chi square] = 11.
Significant differences in average growth followed the same pattern and same probabilities as in Spermaceti Cove, but except for the 46-55 mm size class, total growth at the last sampling was equal to or less than at Spermaceti Cove (Table 6).
There were no effects caused by the presence of a fence in Spermaceti Cove, but time (P = 0.
Fence effects were found at Earle, the higher energy site, for the spring and summer plantings, and at the Spermaceti Cove site after the fall planting.
At the Spermaceti Cove site, there were significant differences caused by initial size for live ([chi square] = 18.
Data for these separated data sets were generally similar to the data for the Spermaceti Cove site in that live individuals only showed significant differences with initial size, but missing individuals showed significant differences with respect to initial size and time after planting (Table 15 Table 16).
For the Spermaceti site, there were no effects caused by initial size or time after planting for live, dead, or missing individuals when a fence was present.
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2) In addition, 75 lb of spermaceti (fine) valued at 8-9 shillings per lb.
9) In addition, 113 cwt 3 qtr 5 lb of spermaceti valued at 5:10-8:10 [pounds sterling] per cwt.
2) In addition, 1 cwt, 1 qtr of spermaceti (coarse), valued at 9-14 [pounds sterling] per cwt.
6) In addition, 6 cwt, 2 qtr, 26 lb of spermaceti, valued at 5:10-8:10 [pounds sterling] per cwt.