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Software that identifies incorrectly spelled or unknown words. medical transcription Used during referencing and proofreading to ensure accuracy of transcribed reports.
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If spellcheckers are risky, grammar checkers can be downright dangerous.
The spellchecker suggests, among other oddities, "garr" and "err.
And as if that weren't bad enough, the spellchecker chimes in that I should change "meemies" to "memos" "mammies," "mummies" "mommies" or "mimes.
95) lets you add spellcheckers to Microsoft's non- Office programs, including Outlook Express (for Explorer 4.
Unlike some spellcheckers, Speller Enhancer recognizes Internet terms such as web addresses, e-mail addresses and file names as valid words.
WordPad Plus ($10) lets you add 14 spellcheckers (12 languages plus medical and legal dictionaries) to the Windows 95/98/NT versions of WordPad.
1 - 4 Wrong - Average - Use spellchecker and proofread carefully
5 - 8 Wrong - Use spellchecker, proofread carefully and learn one new word a week
9 - 12 Wrong - Use spellchecker, get someone else to proofread and learn one new word a week