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Software that identifies incorrectly spelled or unknown words. medical transcription Used during referencing and proofreading to ensure accuracy of transcribed reports.
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What's worse, sometimes you can't even rely on the old spellchecker to bail you out.
eSpell(TM) -- a fully integrated spell checking solution that offers reliable, device based spellchecker for the BlackBerry(R) wireless platform from Research In Motion (RIM) (TSX: RIM) -- is a perfect tool for the carriers to differentiate their BlackBerry offerings.
95) lets you add spellcheckers to Microsoft's non- Office programs, including Outlook Express (for Explorer 4.
Products such as International CorrectSpell and the American Heritage Electronic Dictionary are incorporated as enhancements in a variety of electronic environments--from typewriters to mainframe computers--as spellcheckers and thesauruses.
Although students could turn to spellcheckers to help proofread their answers, the use of anything more sophisticated was banned.
Users are offered a unique choice of selecting to use either device-based or server-based spellchecker, complemented with the ability to download new specialty spellcheckers, such as Medical, Law, Engineering, Applied Science, etc.
Always use a spellchecker-- even if you handwrite a note, type uncertain words in an open document on your computer to run them through a spellchecker.