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Software that identifies incorrectly spelled or unknown words. medical transcription Used during referencing and proofreading to ensure accuracy of transcribed reports.
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The spellchecker suggests, among other oddities, "garr" and "err.
In addition to the audio, video and printer-friendly lessons, the site includes a hospital soap opera in Welsh as an educational tool, along with a searchable dictionary, spellchecker, an 87-page grammar guidebook, and a weekly newsletter on Wales and Welsh culture.
The spellchecker wanted to know if I didn't mean "armadillo.
The standard Palm applications are included--Address Book, Date Book, To-Do List, and Memo Pad along with QuickOffice, which integrates with Microsoft Word and Excel; PrintBoy utility for direct printing to JR and USB printers; and AlphaWord, a full-featured word processor with spellchecker and thesaurus.
Analogous to a spellchecker system on a personal computer, computer-aided detection is used by increasing numbers of radiologists as "a second pair of eyes" when reading a mammogram.
The spellchecker simply didn't recognize to pee, I'll be bound.
EndNote 5 also features a traveling reference library to allow collaboration between colleagues, a direct link to the ISI Web of Science, a spellchecker, and over 700 output styles.
In addition, EndNote 5 automates spelling and typing corrections with a new spellchecker that lets users check highlighted text or an entire reference for spelling errors.
She suggests that we do this before using a spellchecker.
DataCop acts like a spellchecker for files, highlighting non-compliant dates and asking the user if they want them reformatted.
CompuBridge has released six spellchecker programs.
The database contains multiple rules of grammar and punctuation, thousands of incorrect, verbose, and awkward phrases, and the world's largest spellchecker that includes over two million terms.