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(fōn) [Gr. phone, voice]
A single speech sound.

cell phone

, cellular phone
A portable telephone, used, for example, in ambulance-to-hospital communications and in 12-lead electrocardiogram transmission in some emergency medical systems. Although many people speculate that cellular phone use may increase the risk of brain cancers (e.g., gliomas or meningiomas), no correlation between moderate usage and cancer has been definitively identified.
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The preferential screening targeted speech sound disorders (SSDs) (articulatory and phonological speech sound disorders), fluency, and voice disorders.
To study the cognitive profile of children with a suggestive communication disorder (LD and speech sound disorder) at the age of 4.
Speech sounds are produced by air pressure vibrations, generated by pushing inhaled air from the lungs through the vibrating vocal cords and vocal tract and out from the lips and nose airways.
assemble 25 chapters that outline treatment interventions for speech sound disorders, for speech-language pathologists, students, and parents.
Under continuous suppression, participants were encouraged to produce the speech sound 'ah ' without a break, but were allowed to take in breath once or twice per trial.
His research, teaching and clinical interest is primarily with childhood speech sound disorders, and more recently, he has become interested in the controversies surrounding non-speech oral motor exercises (NS-OME) to change speech sound productions.
They are in sections on speech sound disorders: articulation, phonology, and apraxia; communicative intent; language disorders; social language and pragmatics; augmentative and alternative communication for complex communication needs; literacy; voice and fluency disorders; and behavior management technique.
Framework agreement for the purchase, delivery and installation of media technology in classrooms at the University of Stuttgart - Single, double and triple video projection,- Speech sound systems,- Wireless microphone systems,- Media Control,- Transmission and recording of sound and imagebased on it Maintenance and Service contract (troubleshooting).

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