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A plural of speculum.


(spek'yu-lum) (-la) plural.specula [L. speculum, a mirror]
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1. An instrument for examination of canals or hollow organs. See: illustration
2. The membrane separating the anterior cornua of lateral ventricles of the brain. Synonym: septum pellucidum

bivalve speculum

A speculum with two opposed blades that can be separated or closed.
See: vaginal speculum

duck-bill speculum

A bivalve speculum with wide blades, used to inspect the vagina and cervix.

ear speculum

A short, funnel-shaped tube, tubular or bivalve (the former being preferable), used to examine the external auditory canal and eardrum.

eye speculum

A device for separating the eyelids. Plated steel wire, plain, Luer's, Von Graefe's, and Steven's are the most common types.

Pedersen speculum

A small vaginal speculum for examining prepubertal patients or others with small vaginal orifices.
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vaginal speculum

A speculum, usually with two opposing portions that, after being inserted, can be pushed apart for examining the vagina and cervix. It should be warmed before use.
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De esta idea participaran muchos escolasticos para quienes la multiplicidad formal de la naturaleza, en tanto que reflejo de la voluntad de Dios, posibilitaba una proliferacion inusitada y diversa de specula o espejos.
For more information about the Welch Allyn KleenSpec Disposable Vaginal Specula and Cordless Illumination System, please call 800.
Her song thus imitates and mocks the distance between the clerical specula and the laity's concerns, and clerical arrogance toward the laity's way of life.
The company's ear specula attach to the end of its MacroView[R] otoscope, an instrument used to look inside ears, and the Welch Allyn KleenSpec[R] vaginal specula is a single-use women's health product that eliminates time and expense of reprocessing and reduces the chance of cross-contamination.
The discomfort was alleviated somewhat by using smaller specula.
Illuminated instruments consist of retractors, specula, laryngoscopes, trocars and any other devices that use fiberoptics to pass light to the work site.
Kleenspec Disposable Specula Dispenser, Wall-Mount Panel (34 X
It markets diagnostic and surgical instruments including colposcopes, instruments to perform loop electrosurgical excision procedures, hand held gynecological instruments, disposable specula and cryosurgical systems.
Contract award: delivery specula and universal frames, ball bushings for manipulators pistol and mechanical manipulators duplicate the or polatom - 3 parts.
Micro Illumination(tm) technology can be used to enhance all existing light capabilities in surgery - endoscopes, lighted retractors, lighted specula, suction irrigation cannulae, optical microscopes, surgical head lamps and overhead lighting.
The contract will be awarded to one or more service providers providing Cusco Design Specula in various sizes set down in this ITT for the full term of contract.