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Relating to or performed by means of a spectroscope.


Relating to or performed by means of a spectroscope.
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Using a spectroscopic imaging scanning tunneling microscopy method developed over many years, Davis and his collaborators had previously conducted extensive studies of the superconducting state of a copper-oxide superconductor containing bismuth, strontium, and calcium (known as BSCCO).
Covers important scientific and technological developments made over past decades in surfaces and interfaces of materials and spectroscopic techniques
21) Vibrational spectroscopic imaging of polymer surfaces.
The spectroscopic analysis and imaging functions offered by the TAS7500 enable fast, simple, high-throughput drug analysis that contributes to speedier R&D and scale-up.
Application of x-ray spectroscopic scattering topography to rubber based composites has been made successfully.
It offers a good selection of spectroscopic analysis (transmission, reflection, ATR Attenuated Total Reflection ) and imaging functions, and has stable, high-speed measurement capabilities.
An important technological aspect was the development of a rapid spectroscopic assay for identifying potential targets of P450 catalysis in a high-through-put screening format.
Advantest Corporation today announced that its terahertz spectroscopic imaging system TAS7500, which utilizes Advantest's THz wave technology, has been adopted by Astellas Pharma Inc.
This work explores spectroscopic principles of rare earth ions and transition metal ions doped in solids as active ions of lasers and luminescent emissions.
Another ultraviolet observatory, NASA's Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer (FUSE), is now faring much better than it was.
NIST scientists have developed a new spectroscopic technique for characterizing the complex chemistry that occurs in a semiconductor plasma-etching reactor.

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