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Don't tape or glue it into place until you've tested the spectroscope.
Prior to spectrometers, foundry metallurgists used a welder's arc and a spectroscope to estimate chemical composition with the human eye.
Spectroscope readings can be ambiguous where they overlap.
But first I had to learn how much the software and spectroscope were actually worth.
Their chemical analysis relied on a recently developed technique in which researchers deliver a dose of infrared light to a seed and obtain data on its fat composition through a light-sensitive spectroscope.
Pulse's flagship product is a handheld device that detects free radicals through a colorimetric reaction, and reactions are measured using a consumer-accessible spectroscope.
Some specific aspects worth mentioning include the Spectroscope chapter, which gives detailed instruction on the use of this tool, in all its variants, before providing the reader with 422 full-colour reference spectra, a catalogue that this reviewer believes is unsurpassed in any available standard gemmological text on the market.
Adding the X-ray Spectroscope provides the ability to get elemental composition of samples including contaminants, corrosion products and debris, as well as to make elemental maps to show the distribution of contaminants.
The microenvironment around the aggregated peptide changes and flips the switch that allows the metallic complexes to light up when excited by a spectroscope," he said.
The Springhill Stud offering, who shares his sire with the likes of Imperial Commander and Pandorama, attracted his share of attention and Ross Doyle tried hard to secure the relation to Triumph Hurdle winner Spectroscope.
I used a Rainbow Optics Star Spectroscope, 200 lines/mm, at the prime focus of my 0.
And jockey Barry Geraghty is seeking a third Triumph win, having scored on Spectroscope (2003) and Zaynar.

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