specific antigens

spe·cif·ic an·ti·gens

antigens that are unique or characterize an entity.
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Yu noted that the six specific antigens in this vaccine have been validated as expressed on GBM cells and having important roles in tumor growth.
The present invention also provides a method of immunizing a mammal against an antigen using the vaccine, and a method of inducing antigen-presenting mammalian cells to present specific antigens via the MHC class I processing pathway.
Neutralizing antibody: a type of protein produced by B lymphocytes (see above) after stimulation by an antigen; such proteins bind to specific antigens in an immune response and usually counteract or inactivate antigens.
Skin testing involves the introduction of specific antigens onto or into the skin through a skin prick or an intradermal inoculation.
The controlled study also demonstrated that certain forms of BioSilicon(TM), delivered in specific combinations with specific antigens, show an adjuvant activity equivalent to the well established and widely used adjuvant, alum (aluminium salts).
Several Specific Antigens for Specific Cancer Diagnosis.
Skin testing involves introducing specific antigens onto or into the skin by way of scratch, prick, and intradermal tests.
These tumor specific antigens are self produced and thus are not typically recognized as harmful by a patient's immune system.
Based on this core capability, the company has developed a technology that combines mass spectrometry with immunology to enable the rapid identification of disease- specific antigens that form the basis for novel, patentable immunotherapeutic vaccines.
A broad range of diseases can be addressed by programming these bacteria to express specific antigens, resulting in the induction of targeted immune responses.
Antibodies are immune system proteins that precisely recognize and bind to specific antigens, peptides, receptors, infectious organisms and other proteins.
The induction of immune regulation through the administration of specific antigens manufactured from liver tissue significantly reduced the hepatic fat content of these mice compared with controls.

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