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Deliveries are performed after the sponsor requests for species type and quantities in accordance with operational necessity, and financial security, transportation contractor, ex-warehouse Headquarters Sofia, bul.
Isolates of Acinetobacter species, particularly those recovered from blood culture, should be identified to species type to enable further evaluation of the clinical significance of carbapenem-resistant A.
Water samples have been collected to determine the species type and amount of cyanobacteria, commonly referred to as blue-green algae, in the water.
Gene_Product Database: GeneProduct relation ID Symbol DBRef Species Int Primary Key Varchar2 Varchar2 Integer Foreign Key Foreign Key Type Full_Name Varchar2 Char Genome Database: Genome relation Gene_ID Species CHR Strend Int Primary Key Int Foreign Key Varchar2 Int Gene_Name Description Varchar2 Varchar2 Global Schema: Our proposed model ID Symbol Dbxref Species Type CHR Strend Description Full_Name Global Schema: [8, 13] ID Symbol Species Type Full_Name CHR Strend and Description DBxref
Each valid stomach was wrapped in a cloth bag and tied with a tag indicating the species type, sex, fork length (cm), date of sampling, and sampling location, and then preserved in a 10% buffered formalin solution.
Geographic differences in preference ratings were assessed using Poisson regression with location (north or south), species type (shrub or tree) and their interaction as predictors.
There was no correlation between cell shape and species type.
0) Species Type Site # Native (%) # Non-native (%) Restored MWW-3 59 (83.
TABLE 1 Staphylococcal Species Found in the Air of Deboning Areas of Various Abattoirs Abattoir Coagulase Species Type Abattoir Abattoir Abattoir Abattoir A B C D n % n % n % n % S.
Swishing them in plain tap water reduced bacterial counts by 66 to 94 percent, depending on species type.