special hospital

spe·cial hos·pi·tal

a hospital for the medical and surgical care of patients with specific types of diseases (for example, ear, nose, and throat; eyes; mental illness).
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NURSE consultant in palliative care Mel McEvoy and chaplain Robert Cooper (pictured left and right, above) from North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust have put their creative minds together to make a special hospital poetry display.
Tuomi logistics ltd has been competing for anesthesia and intensive care at pirkanmaa hospital district~s special hospital districts; Kanta-hme and pirkanmaa hospital districts, Pijt-hme welfare society; Except for the southern ostrobothnia hospital district.
He said although this was a special hospital still the prices are affordable to all population in the state.
Cardiff has a special hospital for children with its own helicopter.
It detailed how the child killer was apparently driven mad by his stays in various high security prisons, before he then landed on Merseyside - at Park Lane Special Hospital, now Ashworth, in 1985.
Iran had earlier announced plans to construct a special hospital to treat patients who need nuclear medicine.
The awarded parts were a mobile light tower enclosure and "pods" used in a special hospital bed.
The lifer, 32, was moved from one of Britain's toughest category A jails to Ashworth special hospital after a psychological assessment.
He gave Leslie a prison sentence, but added a provision that he should be treated first at Rampton special hospital.
Kittis was placed under guard in a special hospital ward treating prison inmates.
The deal is for general building inspection of the special hospital rehabilitation centre Sonderkrankenanstalt-Rehabilitationszentrum Bad Schallerbach, or SKA-RZ.
Avasthi's special hospital for premature births 'Surya Child Care'.

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