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The leaves and flowering tops of Mentha viridis (green garden or lamb mint) or M. cardiaca (family Labiatae); a carminative and flavoring agent.


A perennial herb used as a carminative in tea. It may be of use for hirsutism in women due to anti-androgenic effects, with the caveat that it causes lipid peroxidation in the kidney and liver. Spearmint oil has antifungal activity, which is less than that of oregano, as well as anti-oxidant activity.


n See mint.
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25 hours, and again at four hours, following a single dose of the spearmint extract.
Seedling of spearmint was transplanted in concrete blocks (95*100*75) in cm (W*L*D) filled with soil mix with peatmoss under open field conditions (soil-based).
SHOCKING: The advert, left, for the 'Back2School' party and, below, a similar ad from an American Spearmint Rhino
David Ross,park manager, said: ``Meru has settled into motherhood very well and Spearmint has put on a lot of weight.
That `basic' plant in the tired old mint patch is likely to be spearmint, Mentha spicata or viridis, named for the spearhead-shaped leaves, though often sold as green mint these days.
Orbit, which promises a "just brushed clean feeling," was bolstered in January with the addition of a third flavor, spearmint, to the original peppermint and wintermint varieties.
Using a noninvasive technique called functional magnetic resonance imaging, the scientists viewed the brain activity of eight volunteers as they experienced various combinations of smells--lemon, strawberry, spearmint, or caramel-and colors--yellow, red, turquoise, or brown.
Vapors of anise, lemongrass, pine, and spearmint were able to kill mites in smaller areas such as drawers and storage boxes.
Pronounced menthol taste makes common spearmint (Mentha spicata) and peppermint (M.
These include Beagle Bagels[R] Flavored with Spearmint - a spearmint breath bagel for larger dogs; and Itty Bitty Bones[R] Flavored with Spearmint - a spearmint breath bone for smaller dogs.
Kemin has debuted Neumentix Phenolic Complex K110-42, a proprietary phenolic complex sourced from patent-pending, non-GMO lines of Kemin Industries' own purpose-grown spearmint for use in dietary supplements.