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I cannot let you continue in your error; and yet, perhaps, since my manners gave such an impression, I have as much reason to be ashamed of confessing that I never have been at all attached to the person we are speaking of, as it might be natural for a woman to feel in confessing exactly the reverse.
And she laughed wildly, stopped speaking, and sank back upon the bed of skins.
They walked slowly, with frequent pauses, but without speaking again.
As they were speaking, Nestor knight of Gerene shook the helmet, and from it there fell the very lot which they wanted--the lot of Ajax.
She was speaking only as she had been used to hear others speak, as she imagined everybody else would speak.
He that questioneth much, shall learn much, and content much; but especially, if he apply his questions to the skill of the persons whom he asketh; for he shall give them occasion, to please themselves in speaking, and himself shall continually gather knowledge.
I dare say I am speaking very foolishly, but I must speak--I must explain, if it be out of nothing better than self-respect.
In answer I would say that I never planned to give any large part of my life to speaking in public.
To see the man, whose introduction to Emily it had been Miss Jethro's mysterious object to prevent--at the very moment when he had been speaking of Miss Jethro herself--was, not only a temptation of curiosity, but a direct incentive (in Emily's own interests) to make an effort at discovery.
Don't spoil my pleasure in seeing you again by speaking of what can never be
Without asking a single question, without making objections, she answered him, speaking as bluntly as he had spoken himself:
After looking at her for a moment, he entered the room without speaking to her again.