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Powers and Spay Worcester have done a remarkable job of taking a grass-roots approach to the problem.
Lara Rasmussen who are donating their time and expertise to spay and neuter animals from the MN SNAP waiting list.
Since Spay Ireland began in 2002, the annual destruction rate of dogs in pounds has fallen from 21,367 to 5,296 last year.
If you spay and neuter a group they're going to become much healthier- there are lots of skin problems here.
Everyone can get behind the spay and neuter campaign, whether they are an animal lover or hater," she said.
After these 50 free Cat Spay Vouchers are gone, the HSU Clinic will be giving out an additional 50 vouchers for 50 percent off a Cat Spay only.
Incorporated in 2005, Florida Animal Friend's mission is to help save the lives of countless unwanted cats and dogs by supporting organizations that offer free or low-cost spay and neuter services across the state of Florida.
Spay Worcester, other animal groups and the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University are teaming up this weekend to spay or neuter dozens of cats.
The program was specifically adopted to support the city's recently enacted spay and neutering law - one of the nation's toughest pet sterilization ordinances.
That clinic is a major resource - they're always booked four to six weeks out - and that just shows the great need for spay and neuter services around here that WAG and other groups will not be able to pick up.
LOS ANGELES -- The California Spay and Neuter License Plate Fund Inc.
After 12 years in private practice and 8 years practicing as spay and neuter surgeons, Dr.