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Few cyprinid nest associates spawn in nests of centrarchids with some exceptions (Kramer and Smith, 1960; Hunter and Wisby, 1961; Hunter and Hastler, 1965; DeMont, 1982; Johnston and Knight, 1999; Fletcher, 1993; Fletcher and Burr, 1992; Shao, 1997).
The following two weeks can produce some mighty fine post spawn river fishing.
The effect of factors such as spawn grain, culture medium, oil type and rate on the culture of Psathyrella atroumbonata and Lentinus squarrosulus has been reported [11,12,13].
Parameters for composting, spawn run, synthetic CACing, case hold, and harvest followed the practices of the Penn State mushroom research facility.
Sixteen of the 18 spawning events were pair spawns while two were group spawns involving only two males and one female.
Finally, water transferred from tidepools with spawned gametes to tidepools in which mussels had not spawned did not induce spawning, although it is possible that those mussels had spawned on previous days and thus were unable to spawn that morning.
The spawning model in the Finnish pharmaceuticals company, Farmos, after some experimentation, was finally cast as a nonlinear simulation model, where the projects did not spawn each other directly but generated sales opportunities for other projects.
However, over the 2-year period, the maximum egg production from individual spawns occurred most often at greater illumination phases of the moon.
The reproductive biology of the blood ark has not previously been investigated for populations anywhere in Florida, In Virginia, blood arks are reported to spawn in the summer months when water temperatures reach above 17[degrees]C (Chanley & Andrews 1971, McGraw et al.
The immature, developing stage identified females that were immature and unlikely to spawn but had ovaries containing cortical alveoli stage oocytes (which otherwise identified mature, developing females).