spatial relation

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spa·tial re·la·tion

(spā'shăl rē-lā'shŭn)
Position of an object in relation to another.
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A certain spatial relation relates each of these pairs.
Expressions of spatial relations frequently have a verbal predicate prefixed by a preverb with spatial semantics.
One picture contained a topological spatial relation, viz.
As a space metaphor we propose to model the topology of the hyperspace with qualitative spatial relations based on the primitive concept of connection between spatial regions.
Regardless of what language you learn, these concepts, these spatial relations, are available to all of us.
The spatial relations contain multiple identities and these reflect different power relations through, for example, access and representation (Massey, 1994).
Much of the burden of spatial arrangement Chaucer leaves to the reader in a way that reflects how Chaucer expects his readers to process and store all information, not simply details of spatial relation.
The opposition based on the spatial relation therefore seems to be more productive in the morphologically complex pair is-pod:Gen -iz-nad:Gen 'above-under'.
In this paper I refer to viewing an external stimulus as perception and thinking with images, their spatial relation and transformation, as visualisation.
Boris never looked at her, but was somehow constantly aware of her position or movement, which he felt like a spatial relation he could not overcome.
We assumed that each factor had a fixed structure: a verb, v, a spatial relation, sr, and a landmark, 1.
Understanding the spatial relation between the image, its location and the viewer, can be key to understanding and experiencing its theological import.

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