spatial relation

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spa·tial re·la·tion

(spā'shăl rē-lā'shŭn)
Position of an object in relation to another.
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Nothing replaces seeing an altarpiece in its original home, but this recognition of where the image has come from, and of the disparity between the modern and contemporary viewing contexts, helps us to imagine ourselves into the sort of spatial relation with an image that is a key part of understanding its theological significance.
Complex feature classes based on different topography domains trend toward a range of property and spatial relation complexity.
Sign languages often have more abstract lexical items for spatial relations, but generally speakers prefer the richer direct analogue representation.
One picture contained a topological spatial relation, viz.
As a space metaphor we propose to model the topology of the hyperspace with qualitative spatial relations based on the primitive concept of connection between spatial regions.
Regardless of what language you learn, these concepts, these spatial relations, are available to all of us.
Topographic Surveys: Horizontal and vertical spatial relation of natural and manmade features including streams, bodies of water, roadways, above and below surface utilities, etc.
The srNear spatial relation can be defined as either a discrete linear value in meters [e.
Spatial relation is the subject of researches on "systems of qualitative representation of space" which mainly try to define spatial relations for qualitatively distinguish orientation and description of entities of space.
project is ready for thematic and spatial relation to the strategic documents of Chomutov, the elaborate system of social policy of the city.
The stimulation significantly impaired volunteers' judgements about the spatial relation between the arm tap and the face tap.
Interactive machine acquisition of a fuzzy spatial relation.

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