spastic entropion

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spas·tic en·tro·pi·on

entropion that arises from excessive contracture of the orbicularis oculi muscle.

spastic entropion

entropion that arises from excessive contracture of the orbicularis oculi muscle. See also entropion.

spastic entropion

An inversion resulting from a spasm of the orbicularis oculi muscles.
See also: entropion


inversion, or the turning inward, as of the margin of an eyelid. Causes irritation, blepharospasm, keratitis. May be congenital or acquired.

anatomic entropion
see conformational entropion (below).
cicatricial entropion
caused by scarring of the eyelid or conjunctiva following injury or inflammation.
conformational entropion
a conformational feature of some dog breeds, including Shar peis, Chow Chows, and St. Bernards, which either have excessive and thick skin on the face, or deeply set eyes. Called also anatomic entropion.
geriatric entropion
occurs in older dogs because of temporal muscle atrophy, loss of retrobulbar tissue or general debilitation.
inherited congenital entropion
occurs in sheep, cattle, miniature pigs and some breeds of dogs.
lateral entropion
affects the lateral part of the eyelids. Involvement of both upper and lower eyelids may be caused by inadequate function of the retractor anguli oculi muscle.
medial entropion
seen most often in brachycephalic dogs.
neonatal entropion
seen in Shar pei puppies, because of their thick skin and enophthalmos. Temporary surgical correction is required at an early age. Newborn lambs, calves and goats may also be affected.
spastic entropion
due to spasticity of the orbicularis oculi muscle caused by painful conditions of the eye, such as ulcerative keratitis, distichiasis or foreign bodies.
uveal entropion, entropion uveae
infolding of the pupillary border and adherence to the anterior surface of the iris.