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Spastic movement disorder: Impaired reflex function and altered muscle mechanics.
On examination, he had brisk tendon reflexes with ankle clonus, spastic quadriparesis, and decreased proprioceptive sensation in the lower limbs with preserved vibration sense.
DECQ ET AL : Peripherical selective neurotomies of the brachial plexus collateral branches for the spastic shoulder: AnatomicaL study and clinical results in 5 patients.
The application of splints and casts can prevent the formation of contractures in the spastic limb and serial casting can improve the range of movement in a joint that is already contracted -- a new cast being applied every few days as the range improves [20-22].
For example, we go up to somebody who's paraplegic or spastic and don't want to hurt them, and in that confusion we don't even say, "Well, what should I do?
Global Markets Direct's, 'Tropical Spastic Paraparesis - Pipeline Review, H1 2012', provides an overview of the Tropical Spastic Paraparesis therapeutic pipeline.
Spastic type of cerebral palsy was the most common type in the study population.
Finlay Brunt, four, from Bridgend, has Spastic Diplegia, which means his muscles do not work properly, causing him to have difficulty walking.
The infant experienced hypoxic-ischemic brain damage, which caused severe mental retardation, cerebral palsy, and spastic quadriparesis.
In controlled laboratory tests, imposed hip or knee extension movements, applied separately, trigger multi-joint spastic reflexes that are consistent with clinical observations of extensor spasms in human SCI [3-4].