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The amount, distance, or length between two points; the full extent or reach of anything.


1. The distance from one fixed point to another, as the distance, when the hand is fully expanded, from the tip of the thumb to the tip of the little finger.
2. A length of time.
3.. The duration of a process.

attention span

The duration of sustained concentration on a task or activity. See: hyperactivity (2); attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder

digit span

A test of memory and attention.
See: digit span test

life span

The maximum obtainable age of a member of a species.

memory span

The number of words or objects one can store and recall when asked to do so. See: digit span test
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The acquisition comes as Spanning experiences continued business momentum, with more than 70% year-over-year revenue growth and a growing roster of more than 7,000 customers.
By focusing the scope of a spanning tree to exploit the inherent potential of ring topologies, Riverstone's new ring-specific spanning trees provide both faster and more consistent protection in cases of network failure.
Single-instance STP enables network managers to configure a Foundry switch to run a single spanning tree, even if multiple port-based VLANs are configured on a device.