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(soi) soybean.


Comestibles, such as miso, soybeans, soy milk, textured vegetable protein, tempeh or tofu, that are produced from soy (Glycine hispida). They are regarded as healthy foods, and are high in protein, isoflavones (which decrease cholesterol), phytosterols, and phytoestrogens (which may protect against cancer of breast, colon and prostate); soy may be the most effective food for decreasing cholesterol, by up to 20%.


n Latin name:
Glycine max; part used: seeds (beans); uses: high cholesterol, analgesic, antipyretic, anorexia, hyperactivity, liver conditions; pos-sible use in menopausal symptoms, osteoporosis, cancers (breast, prostate, colon); precautions: none known. Also called
soya, soybean, or
soy lecithin.

Patient discussion about soy

Q. Is soy milk as good as cow milk? what`s good about soy milk and when it should be avoided. Is soy milk as good as cow milk?

A. Remember this, we are the only mammals that drink the milk of another! Do you get the urge to suckle while driving by a farm with cows or goats?
I wish I saved the article from someone I communicated with years ago online from New Zealand. Soy is really NOT a good food source! Please investigate further. Why is it that we are so "milk" conscious? Has the American Dairy Association brain washed us? Good righ, organic grains and veggies are the best food choices!

Q. Is there a link between soy formula and ADHD? I've heard that alot of kids with ADHD were on soy formula. I've also heard bad things about boys that were on soy formula. Things like they are more likely to be infertile when grown up because of estrogen in the soy. Is any of this true? Is regular soy milk safe for little boys to drink

A. i’m not sure about ADHD and soy…ADHD is a condition with physical impact on the brain and you are born with it. But soy in general is not a really good idea. It’s ironic that health fanatics consider it as a good thing. It should be eaten moderately and not extensively.

Q. Does any one have any suggestions for hot flashes? Soy is prohibited.

A. Hi,

There are several options. First you can try to dress appropriately, exercise regularly refrain from certain foods, coffe and smoking. There are several dietary supplements that may curb your hot flashes such as black cohosh.

You can read more here (

There are also medications to treat this condition (such as hormones, anti-depressant etc.) but they require prescription. You may consult your doctor to see what the best option for you is.

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Growing health concerns is one of the main factors the consumers are shifting towards products like superior quality soy sauces as it contains less salt and sugar and other variants such as gluten free soy sauce.
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Soy wax burns at a cooler temperature which makes the burning time longer so you can enjoy your candle even more.
Columbia Forest Products, a manufacturer of veneer-core hardwood plywood based in Portland, Oregon, is the first wood products company to convert a manufacturing process to a completely formaldehyde-free soy adhesive.
As no other state but Rio Grande do Sul produces significant amounts of soy, there is already a geographic separation of GM and non-GM soy,' says Amaryllis Romano, an agriculture analyst at Tendencias Consultoria Integrada, a consultancy in Sao Paulo.
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Both as a food and in supplement form, soy has been sold to women as a miracle food, especially after menopause.
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