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white mark on the feet. In horses this means from the coronet to halfway up the cannon. In dogs and cats, it is white from the paws up to the carpus or hock.

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Q. What's the thing with having diabetes and flights? I heard that I might have problems with my feet and I should buy special socks.

A. As above stated, diabetics are at increased risk for forming clots b/c of the damage to the blood vessel walls due to high glucose. This can cause narrowing in the arteries (vessels bringing blood to tissues) as well as increase your chance of a DVT. With regards to the socks, my guess is that you're talking about pressure socks which are common for people with varicose veins and venous insufficiency where blood doesn't return from the leg well. This stasis (non movement) of the blood makes it more likely for you to form a clot. The pressure stockings in turn prevent veins from dilating and allow more blood to return from the legs, keeping the blood moving and decreasing your chance for a clot. These stockings and raising your legs periodically are some of the best activities to decrease any pain from varicose veins or swelling in your legs from vessel problems. As you're sitting still in a flight, the lack of movement means there's less blood leaving your legs (as most blood in

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Should that not tickle your taste buds, try the Official Red Sox Sandwich at D'Angelo's or the Official Red Sox Hamburger -- the Tasty Burger -- or the Official Red Sox Hot Dog, a Fenway Frank by Kayem, accompanied by a swig of Dunkin' Donuts, the Official Red Sox Coffee.
Seymour said the JetHawks have already made strides contacting Southern California ``Red Sox Nation'' chapters.
There are significant implications to companies frequently restating their financial results, which is a trend that has escalated since SOX enactment.
The outlays of capital required to re-engineer for SOX compliance are high and the threat of punishment for non-compliance or weakness in controls also is motivating.
This article analyzes how the climate of suspicion that pervaded post-war American culture made events like the Black Sox scandal become subsumed under the concerns over the meanings of "Americanism.
Red Sox Nation is a Transylvanian village, awaiting the curse of the Bambino at every full moon.
Last year, Ortiz had just one homer after the seventh inning that tied a game or put the Sox ahead.
He said the JetHawks ownership has received assurances that the Red Sox are committed to sending current and former players to Lancaster to build a relationship with the community.
SOX projects require participation from many levels of an organization, and for Sec.
Bob Benoit teaches "Complying with SOX Section 404" particularly for smaller public companies.
The chain of events started in the offseason when Jim Thome was dealt from the Phillies to the White Sox.
The tools companies use vary from Excel spreadsheets to Word documents to specific SOX compliance tools that are too numerous to list.