source file

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source file,

n a file containing information used as input to a computer program.
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This method works only if the old and new source files have the same worksheet name--in this case Budget.
The source files maintained in the database were one set of files, but when the document was processed for print, only general information and information identified for print was included.
Semaphore "watches" for source files within a central directory and then moves them automatically through QC, applying the user's customized, job-specific parameters for metrics such as maximum bit rate, dropped frames or quantization level.
With this release, JavaScript programmers can use their editor of choice to create and modify their source files, construct their Makefiles, and manage their project environment without an IDE.
LiveCargo has been a great tool for me to do collaboration with my vendors, especially when I have to send many large source files to my printing agency," said Evelyn Leong, APAC Channel Training/Events/Membership Opx, BPMG, with Intel Technology Asia.
Since GraphicsFactory supports a vast array of professional file formats, it will automatically pull original source files from most video archives, perform the graphics overlays and transcode directly to the destination formats - all without having to move media between different formats and systems.
They can organize and manage their source files, including LabVIEW and third-party code; seamlessly check code in and out of industry-standard source code control packages; and easily manage hardware targets and resources from the same window, which dramatically differentiates LabVIEW graphical development from traditional programming tools for designing test and control applications.
The reference design kit includes hardware and software including schematics, layout source files, a detailed bill-of-material, design manual, user's guide and a quick-start guide.
The Xtensa(R) Xplorer(TM) Diamond Edition (DE) software development toolkit contains a number of source files for various common DSP functions.