Soup Kitchen

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A facility that provides meals for homeless and other disenfranchised persons
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The city manager said he might develop a team-building program for workers in his office in which they volunteer at the soup kitchen.
HUNGRY citizens are flocking to soup kitchens around the country to feed themselves and their children, an Irish Sunday Mirror investigation can reveal.
For more information on The Shepherd's Table Soup Kitchen, visit http://www.
Lynn Redhead, customer services administrator at the Holy Jesus Hospital, says: "The General Soup Kitchen was set up as a business, not a charity, and it ran for 11 years - between 1880 and 1891.
The soup kitchen reopened in the former parish convent, which will serve as its temporary home while repairs are made.
Ted Creen (we are blessed with two ministers) also felt that maybe God had a purpose in the closing of the soup kitchen.
did not conform to the city's development code because the Legion Hall's uses before the code did not include a soup kitchen or anything similar enough to grandfather in its use.
Instead of worrying about candy canes, grab some buds and head out to a local soup kitchen.
She is a member of the International Interior Design Association, the Asbury Park Soup Kitchen and the MC Memorial Fund.
He said the soup kitchen provided a vital role for society's overlooked but believed destitute people were not just a symptom of today's society.
But it's their deluxe sushi that is rapidly becoming the most sought-after dish in the soup kitchen.
Demonstrations prohibited, soup kitchen banned, singing tourist deported, all sound like headlines from a Beijing newspaper.