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Medspeak A mixture of medicines; generally the term cocktail is preferred
Nutrition A liquid mixture of various comestibles, usually served hot
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The soup du jour ($8) under this chef's direction could never be ordinary.
25) with garlic, basil, white wine, sweet pepper and zucchini to kick off an evening, along with a couple of nifty salad options and a soup du jour ($6) that's usually a vegetable potage like a cauliflower puree or a smooth, silky tomato-fennel bisque.
A markedly superior beginning could come from Chapter 8's soup du jour offerings, one night materializing as an extremely gratifying bowl of potato-leek soup ($6).
For example, when you order either a soup du jour ($6.
Toast's off-menu soup du jour is well worth trying.
Most of the time, diners here choose one of the $1 starters, either a refreshing romaine lettuce salad or a bowl of soup du jour (one time a good potato leek, the other a smooth, thick black bean).