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Medspeak A mixture of medicines; generally the term cocktail is preferred
Nutrition A liquid mixture of various comestibles, usually served hot
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You might want to try a soup with an interesting flavor and texture such as a West African-style soup.
Kandhkot -- With a dip in temperatures, people have started thronging the stalls selling soups of various flavours.
A customer Umer Ikram said that he heard some one saying that chicken soup is also called grandma's penicillin due to its healing effects upon health, but the way it was being served 'wastes all its benefits.
An addition of local ingredients or a variation in the way it is served turns soup into a local delicacy; such as Spanish gazpacho, Russian borscht or Italian minestrone.
While market research firm Mintel reports in a June 2016 study that soup category sales are flat, Sewall believes the category is in solid shape.
This report delivers an extensive overview of the Soups intake in Turkey.
She also expounded the virtues of variety as long as it's soup and said that it is not just the cabbage soup diet in disguise.
Soup is now competing with simple meals; it has become a simple, convenient alternative that extends to different meal occasions," says Jason Homola, director of business development-soup and simple meals at The Campbell Soup Co.
Soup is one of the most versatile dishes you can serve.
Many say the increase in SKUs has created some problems with their soup planograms, though it seems most merchants are happy that suppliers are bringing out items that emphasize health without ignoring flavor.
You can make a fabulous soup with five or six good ingredients.