sound waves

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sound waves

longitudinal waves of mechanical energy that transmit the vibrations interpreted as sound.


1. percept resulting from stimulation of the ear by mechanical radiant energy, the frequency depending on the species.
2. a slender instrument to be introduced into body passages or cavities, especially for the dilatation of strictures or detection of foreign bodies.
3. a noise, normal or abnormal, emanating from within the body.
4. strong, in good condition and without significant defects, e.g. said of wool which has sufficient tensile strength to resist the rigors of processing; said also of teeth as sound mouth.

ejection s's
high-pitched clicking sounds heard very shortly after the first heart sound, attributed to sudden distention of a dilated pulmonary artery or aorta or to forceful opening of the pulmonic or aortic cusps.
friction sound
one produced by rubbing of two surfaces.
heart s's
the sounds produced by the functioning of the heart. See heart sounds.
Korotkoff's s's
those heard during auscultatory blood pressure determination.
percussion sound
any sound obtained by percussion.
respiratory sound
any sound heard on ausculation over the respiratory tract.
succussion s's
splashing sounds heard on succussion over a distended stomach or in hydropneumothorax.
to-and-fro sound
a peculiar friction sound or murmur heard in pericarditis and pleurisy.
urethral sound
a long, slender instrument for exploring and dilating the urethra.
sound waves
sound, the stimulus for hearing, consists of patterns of pressure waves generated in and passed through the air.
white sound
that produced by a mixture of all frequencies of mechanical vibration perceptible as sound.
sound wool
wool with no breaks in it that will stand up to the pressures of scouring, spinning and weaving.

Patient discussion about sound waves

Q. what causes the sound of cracking noises in the head all the time it was said i had acute sinusitis but honestly i think it is more . I don't know why i have cracking noises in my head . I am very concerned about this also my neck is always stiff feeling and aching all the time. . My eyes are very tired and i see blue spots and they hurt behind the eye very badly . I have headaches very often

A. wow...that really sounds serious...i have chronic sinusitis and i can tell you i had horrible headaches but nothing like you describe now. i would strongly consider going to a hospital and checking it out...
tell us what was the result!

Q. Atkins diet? Is it good as it sounds? I'm 17..about 5'2 145 lbs.. I need to lose as much weight as possible in 3 weeks ..Anyone know what kind of results i can expect on atkins?

A. I originally did Atkins 4 years ago. I lost 30 lbs in 3 months and kept if off about a year. I gradually started cheating more and more and exercising less, until now it's all back. Atkins works for me because I naturally crave protein. I am ok with eating lots of eggs. But, the weight only comes off if exercise is included in the plan.

Q. what kind of uses the medicine do with computers related to ultra sound? how does the computer helps the doctors in the ultra sound? what do the compuers use for?

A. the computers help the doctors (in ultrasound cases) to interpret/convert the ultrasound waves into a specific imaging showed in the monitor. by that a doctor can find what is normal or not inside the patient's body.
for pregnancy purposes, it really helps patient in antenatal screening to find some abnormalities (if there's any) and to monitor the fetus' development along the 9-months pregnancy.

yesterday I wrote a short article about ultrasound update :

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Because of this, we think a single sound wave could be used to "sing" to large numbers of nanowires simultaneously, enabling us to move a lot of data using very little power.
For examples, sound waves could maneuver a drug capsule through soft tissue.
Computer simulations confirm that a network of hundreds of centimeter-wide spinning rods would confine audible sound waves to a narrow one-way path along the material's boundary.
The device creates a sound wave which pushes abnormal tumour cells to one side as they pass through, away from white blood cells.
What's On has teamed up with event organisers to give one lucky reader the chance to win a pair of tickets to Sound Waves 2014.
HOT Little Mix and McFly headline Sound Waves 2013 at Bents Park, South Shields
So if gases can transmit sound waves, couldn't an exploding spaceship make a noise that travels along with the gases emitted by the explosion?
Ultrasonic velocity testing, which measures velocity by sending and receiving sound waves as they travel through a section of a casting, is a proven method for checking the nodularity of ductile irons.
In addition, because sound waves have a tendency to bend over and around objects and to spread out with distance, barrier walls are only effective in reducing sound at distances of less than 400 meters from the roadway.
Sound waves caused by the jets breaking the sound barrier spread inland and shook homes in Southport, Formby and Maghull.
For the booming noise that does make it into the cabin, there's an active noise control system that analyzes the incoming sound waves and transmits an opposite sound wave through the audio system to cancel it.
My two previous science projects allowed me to explore a connection with music through researching sound waves.