sound pressure level

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sound pres·sure lev·'el (SPL),

a measure of sound energy relative to 0.0002 dynes/cm2 or 20 μPa, expressed in decibels.
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This type of immediate and permanent hearing loss is generally associated with sound pressure levels greater than 140 dB, as might be generated by an explosive or a high-powered rifle discharging close to the ear.
The results are summarized as follows: 1) the tool wear index developed by the wavelet coefficients in the frequency range of 10 to 20 kHz has a strong correlation with flank wear; 2) the signals processed by the high-pass filter and sound pressure levels depend on other parameters such as spindle rotation and number of teeth, except for flank wear; 3) the tool wear index developed by the wavelet coefficients is very useful for developing a health monitoring system for the tool wear of circular saws because it has good linearity and is independent parameters such as spindle rotation and number of teeth, except for flank wear.
2], which Sand and Karlsen (1986) equate to a sound pressure level of 180 dB.
At sound pressure levels in the range of 120 to 150 dB, the microphone's element may freeze in place temporarily and generate no signal.
Castelo Branco and Rodriguez first documented vibroacoustic disease among airplane technicians, commercial and military pilots, mechanical engineers, restaurant workers, and disc jockeys for exposure to large pressure amplitude and low frequency sound ([greater than or equal to] 90 dB sound pressure level, [less than or equal to] 500 Hz) (Castelo Branco & Rodriguez, 1999; Maschke, 2004).
Where N is the number of noise source with sound pressure level of LP [1].
Sound tests were performed by placing a broad-band white-noise source in the fan room and measuring the sound pressure level at 8 locations in the fan room and 9 locations in the measurement room, Figure 4.
Transmission loss is the difference in sound pressure level between the traffic side of the barrier and the back side.
Vibration amplitude at the low and middle frequencies is about 60 nm, with a transducer voltage of 1 V, corresponding to an equivalent sound pressure level (SPL) of 100 dB SPL up to 1 kHz.
If we set as our objective an 80-dBA sound pressure level, we must consider the muffling techniques that are available to meet the other criteria of power, size, weight, materials, and economics.
Execution of the hd rinse / suction combination operator as a low-noise emergency vehicle with an emission sound pressure level of> 70 db = 80 db.