sound pressure level

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sound pres·sure lev·'el (SPL),

a measure of sound energy relative to 0.0002 dynes/cm2 or 20 μPa, expressed in decibels.
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Experiments were carried out at a sound pressure level above the bed up to 145dB.
In general it is forbidden to build new noise sensitive buildings in areas where the noise level exceeds the maximum critical level of sound pressure.
2) A meta-analysis of previously published sound level data from rock concerts revealed a mean sound pressure level of 103.
Given the same sound pressure level of 70 dB at the listener's ears, the following figure illustrates the difference in sound pressure distribution between typical multi-channel sound reproduction and Near Speaker Surround sound.
The feasibility of analyzing cutting sound for monitoring tool wear of a circular saw was reported and sound pressure level has been suggested as a tool wear index (Kitayama and Uekusa 1985, Kitayama et al.
Some people snore even louder, around 92 sound pressure decibels, which equates with the sort of noise you'd find in a particularly noisy pub.
Closing click of St Jude Medical and Duromedics Edwards bileaflet valves: complaints created by valve noise and their relation to sound pressure and hearing level.
To improve the picture, NVH engineers split the sound pressure into sine waves with different frequencies as shown in figure 3.
Electrical energy from the ultrasonic equipment is transformed to mechanical energy in the form of sound pressure waves through an ultrasonic transducer.
In three separate tests, using a wide variety of weapon/ammunition combinations at both indoor and outdoor firing ranges, researchers measured the peak pressure levels--the highest sound pressure level achieved--of different firearms.
Originally, Narins wanted to learn why coqui frogs--whose extremely loud calls have sound pressure levels as high as 100 decibels 1 meter away -- don't deafen themselves when they blast out their territorial and mating announcements.
As one of the audio brands in the Harman International premium infotainment solutions family, dBLogic designs and manufactures a line of high-quality headphones and earphones that use its proprietary SPL2 Technology, which controls sound pressure to promote healthy hearing.