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sonant (son´ant),

n a speech sound that has in it a component of tone generated by laryngeal vibrations (e.g., “a-a-a,” “z-z-z”).
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Sonant also offers a complete set of application development and system integration services enabling the company to offer turnkey system installation and on-going application enhancement.
licu jednine prezenta u hrvatskome crkvenoslavenskom jeziku, a model je prikazan na svim glagolskim leksemima iz kartoteke Rjecnika crkvenoslavenskoga jezika hrvatske redakcije s temeljnom osnovom na -i- kojima prethodi zubni sonant.
The pupil must first attack the note according to the nature of the consonant, which may be hard or soft or sonant, or according to the character of the vowel, but, as Andreas Herbst expresses it, "on the right note," and I may add with precision and fixed larynx.
Sonant Corporation, San Diego, CA, telecommunications design, trends, computer telephony;
Sonant Corporation today announced that its contact center product family, ClientCall eCenter(TM), has successfully completed interoperability testing and certification from Shoreline Communications, a Sunnyvale, CA-based IP (Internet Protocol) voice communications provider.
Vendors completing interoperability testing and certification on the Shoreline platform thus far include: Apropos, CellIT, Interactive Intelligence, Rockwell, Sonant, N-Soft, and Lightning Rod Software.
According to Sonant Executive Vice President Jim Stafford, "This represents a significant milestone for Sonant, because we have demonstrated our technology's flexibility and sophistication for use over the ultimate network, the Internet.
I who have pointed my face to the ships, the winds' anger, today have returned, eating time like a mudfish; who was lost, tossed among strangers, waves' whitest con sonants, have returned where the stones give lips to the water: -- ("Bosompra", 136-137).
Thus, the present work restricts superlineation to strokes over the single letters b, l, m, n, and r as sonants (p.