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sonant (son´ant),

n a speech sound that has in it a component of tone generated by laryngeal vibrations (e.g., “a-a-a,” “z-z-z”).
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Table 6: The comparison of the sonant plosive consonants between the MP and the ISP Sonant plosive consonant MP *b- *-b- *-b *-d *-d- *-d *g- *-g- *-g ISP *b- *-b- *-b *-d *-[?
I like the less refined, the less ingratiating, yes, but I have plenty of sonant, very sonant instruments.
The costs to implement included the in-house staff, consultants, and the purchase of the Sonant products.
That is to say, for this rule the segment in question would be specified for input simply as a non-grave sonant continuant.
With extensive experience interfacing to a variety of data processing systems, and a complete suite of development tools, Sonant is able to develop new applications on very tight schedules.
Sonant Corporation, San Diego, CA, telecommunications design, trends, computer telephony;