somatic cells

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so·mat·ic cells

the cells of an organism, other than the germ cells.

so·mat·ic cells

(sō-mat'ik selz)
The cells of an organism other than the germ cells.

Somatic cells

All the cells of the body with the exception of the egg and sperm cells.
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Production of cloned pigs from adult somatic cells by chemically assisted removal of maternal chromosomes.
Thus, after performing the statistical analysis of somatic cells collected from infected and healthy human milk, it was observed that geographical regions influenced the SCC values of healthy milk whereas similar type of SCC were observed in the infected milk sample, which did not indicate any significant difference.
In addition, SCNT can provide unique and interesting experimental systems for genomic research to learn how the somatic cell genome is reprogrammed into an equivalent state to that of the fertilized oocyte (Gurdon and Wilmut, 2011).
A better understanding of the mechanism by which somatic cells are reprogrammed into pluripotent cells is critical to ongoing work to understand and to treat disease.
They removed the nucleus from a somatic cell and injected it into an oocyte with removed nucleus.
This study was carried out to determine the relationships between somatic cell count (SCC) and udder type scores (UTS) of Holstein cows.
Lately, the reprogramming of somatic cells to induced pluripotent stem cells (so called iPSCs) has become very popular.
The bill, HF998, defines human cloning as "human asexual reproduction accomplished by introducing nuclear material from one or more human somatic cells into a fertilized or unfertilized oocyte whose nuclear material has been removed or inactivated so as to produce a living organism at any stage of development that is genetically virtually identical to an existing or previously existing human organism.
Professor Heeschen has played an active role in the work of IDF with initiation and participation in a number of documents, monographs and standards on residues and contaminants, pathogenic microorganisms, bacteriological quality, counting of somatic cells, determination of Free Fatty Acids (FFA), development of the integrated detection of residues and inhibitors and initiation of collaborative tests for somatic cells, among others.
Until now genetic materials were introduced into somatic cells to re-programme them to become pluripotent, enabling them to generate cells of all three embryonic lineages.