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coli strains were then subjected to serological testing using ProlexTM Latex agglutination kit for detection of somatic antigen i.
coli strains were further tested for the presence of somatic antigen i.
Haemonchus and Trichuris positive samples, based on coprological examination indicated 100% positive sensitivity for each genus of nematode by the ELISA, based on crude somatic antigen, while based on excretory antigen, showed lower (92%) sensitivity.
The results revealed that the Haemonchus contortus and Trichuris ovis positive sera samples (200) based on coprological analysis were also indicated 100% positive sensitivity by the ELISA based on excretory- secretory antigen, while with crude somatic antigen based ELISA showed lower (92 %) sensitivity (Table 4).
This can be accounted for by the demonstrated high prevalence of Salmonella antibodies in local healthy population and the fact that 50% of the patients had detectable levels of antibodies to the somatic antigen (21,23,27).
repens somatic antigen prepared according to the procedure of Prieto et al.
repens somatic antigen merits further study as a diagnostic aid.
In this study, we identified multidrug-resistant EAEC isolates belonging to ST38; the isolates had various somatic antigens and [bla.
Meanwhile the use of somatic antigens, prepared from adult worm, was not successful in vaccination [18,11].
Identification of Salmonella enterica serotypes is based on flagellar and somatic antigens.