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somal, somas, somata

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From left, Stuart Harper William Harvey from Lloyds Bank <B Commercial Banking, Dr Akash Ghai and Dr Deepinder Singh Somal
Texas Hold 'em rules POKER star Jack Somal plays a game called Texas Hold 'Em.
Amerdeep Somal, a commissioner at the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC), said Williams, from Nottingham, was "well-known to local police for his propensity for violence and threatening behaviour".
Commissioner Amerdeep Somal said it was "deeply disturbing" that they chose to ignore the "basic and fundamental" principles of police work to protect the public and preserve life.
Vinod Somal was named the event's general convener and CCIA cultural secretary Sevi Mathunny supervisor.
At least three Somal civilians, including a six-year-old child, have been killed in fierce fighting in Mogadishu, the Somali capital, according to witnesses.
Activated microglia exhibited marked cellular hypertrophy and retraction of processes such that the process length was less than the somal diameter.
Through its strong commitment to R&D, the implementation of a successful pan-European marketing strategy, and the creation of a strong distribution network, TANDBERG has firmly established its position as a market leader," noted Frost & Sullivan Research Analyst Prarthana Somal.
The latter could both account for a loss of thalamic neurons and/or diminished somal size (Jones, 1997b).
Amerdeep Somal, of the Independent Police Complaints Commission, said: "Tania had had significant contact with the police, and rightly expected to be protected.
Where, may we ask, can be that innate and universal monitor in the case of a people, the Somal [sic] for instance, who rob like Spartans, and who hold the treacherous and cowardly murder of a sleeping guest to be the height of human honor?
A barman at the Celtic Pride pub in Pontypridd spotted Avtar Somal pouring powder into the drink he had bought for Alison Matthews.