solvent extraction

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solvent extraction,

n a method of extracting essential oils in which chemical solvents dissolve plant resins and produce absolutes. Because trace amounts of the solvent remain in the oils so produced, many aroma-therapists do not use solvent extracted absolutes. See also absolute.
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Solvent extraction.
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There are two important considerations for efficient rare earth recovery using the solvent extraction method.
A Milano, calls for design and delivery of a solvent extraction plant to purify fertilizer phosphoric acid before evaporation.
1, the fraction of plasma aldosterone immunoreactivity recovered after solvent extraction was markedly decreased in hemodialysis patients [0.
Solvent extraction method produces a considerable yield of essential oil at very cheap inputs and is mostly now being utilized in routine life to extract perfume from the flowers.
With regard to this, first the surfactant washing alone and the solvent extraction alone were conducted in this study, to determine optimum process conditions and residual oil rate for surfactant washing, and the best-performing organic solvent for solvent extraction.
All solvent extraction and mechanical removal experiments were performed one day after fiber gel extrusion so that the initial gel fiber concentration remained constant during testing.
The recovery of 2-DCB from spiked beef samples using direct solvent extraction was 93.
The completion of the ANSTO Pilot Plant marks a milestone in Peak's technological development program as it is the last step in the practical demonstration of processing of Ngualla's mineralisation to high purity separated rare earth oxide products through the three metallurgical stages of beneficiation, sulphuric acid leach recovery and solvent extraction.
The current process is based on batch reactors with heated sidewalls that complete the process in multiple distillation steps and requires solvent extraction.
The capacity of ginger oils, extracted by different method (hydrodistillation and solvent extraction method), to inhibit microorganisms was studied both in vitro and in vivo.
According to Vice Chairman of Pakistan Edible Oil Refiners' Association, Rasheed Janmohammad the import bill of palm oil can be reduced drastically by increasing the output of oilseeds and by enhancing the capacity of edible oil refineries and solvent extraction plants.
The rating also mirrors the vast experience of the company's promoters in the solvent extraction industry.