solvent extraction

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solvent extraction,

n a method of extracting essential oils in which chemical solvents dissolve plant resins and produce absolutes. Because trace amounts of the solvent remain in the oils so produced, many aroma-therapists do not use solvent extracted absolutes. See also absolute.
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Solvent extraction.
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With regard to this, first the surfactant washing alone and the solvent extraction alone were conducted in this study, to determine optimum process conditions and residual oil rate for surfactant washing, and the best-performing organic solvent for solvent extraction.
All solvent extraction and mechanical removal experiments were performed one day after fiber gel extrusion so that the initial gel fiber concentration remained constant during testing.
The delivery of these final cerium oxide products marks the conclusion of the six month Solvent Extraction Pilot Plant operation at ANSTO Minerals test facility near Sydney.
The recovery of 2-DCB from spiked beef samples using direct solvent extraction was 93.
The process starts with the leach solution from spent batteries and includes a new solvent extraction process, together with conventional solvent extraction, ion exchange, electrowinning and precipitation.
Sonic's Environmental Remediation Division markets remediation services utilizing both our Sonoprocess(TM) technology for the chemical destruction of Persistent Organic Pollutants (POP) and the Terra-Kleen solvent extraction process for the removal of POP contamination.
These high-solvating plasticizers provide low fusion temperatures, improved stain resistance, good stability, relatively low volatility, good oil and solvent extraction resistance.
Two such techniques are LLE and solvent extraction, where it accounts for 32% and 23% of sales, respectively.
We prepared homogenates of nontoxic controls (prepared previously), spiked homogenates, and authentic field samples for analysis using two methodologies, one involving use of the homogenate without solvent extraction and a second involving homogenization followed by solvent extraction.
S-99 also features Soxhlet solvent extraction in eight minutes and can perform a cotton burn-out with 80% sulfuric acid in eight minutes or less.