solvent drag

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sol·vent drag

the influence exerted by a flow of solvent through a membrane on the simultaneous movement of a solute through the membrane.

solvent drag

The movement of ions across cell membranes by bulk transport following the movement of water rather than being facilitated by ion channels or cellular pumps.


1. capable of dissolving other material.
2. the liquid in which another substance (the solute) is dissolved to form a solution.

solvent drag
transfer of solutes across the intestinal wall by being carried along with the water flow driven by osmotic gradients across cell membranes.
solvent extraction of oil seeds
the oil is extracted by organic solvents, a modern process largely displacing extraction by pressure. The resulting cake or meal may be toxic, e.g. trichloroethylene extracted soybean meal.
solvent poisoning
cases of poisoning may be due to the solvent used in a medication, especially when these are petroleum products, as they are in many insecticide preparations.