soluble starch

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sol·u·ble starch

a high molecular weight, water-soluble dextrin produced by the partial acid hydrolysis of starch; useful in iodimetry, in that it gives an easily visible purple-black end point in the presence of free iodine.
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Hence, this study was conducted to determine the effects of SM and soluble starch (SS) on BA and microbial diversity using in vitro ruminal fermentation.
Reagent grade soluble starch (from potatoes) and urea were purchased from Lach-Ner (Chech Republic).
Then the investigators performed soluble starch and beta-glucan assays in addition to the gas chromatography analysis.
The decrease in starch content in cooked beans may be as a consequence of the leaching out of soluble starch portion and the soluble sugars by boiling water during the cooking process.
Other topics include nanomechanics and the nanotribological characterization of self-assembled monolayers for nanosystems, nanostructural and microstructural silicon powders in synthesizing and storing hydrogen, a green synthesis of ZnxCd1-xS nanoparticles using soluble starch as a capping agent, obtaining nanoparticles and nanocomposites and using them in food and drug packaging, and scientific strategies for predicting risks and hazards associated with nanomaterials.
A certain amount of soluble starch (30 g) was added to 870 g of deionized water in a four-necked reactor.
Yoshida & Fujimoto (1994) reported fruit body formation in all 26 experimental wild strains using a medium composed of a mixture of peat moss and soluble starch.
The polynucleotide molecules of the subject invention encode maize endosperm ADP glucose pyrophosphorylase and soluble starch synthase (SSS) enzyme activities.
Mark thought the easily soluble starch could fix that.
But coating such polymers with soluble starch could offer a cheaper, easier, and safer alternative.

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