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To make substances such as fats soluble in water by the action of a detergent or similar agent.
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It can be conclude that, all selected PSB has the capacity to solubilized Tricalcium phosphate (TCP) that suplemented in NBRIP medium.
Localized brush cleaning shows various levels of flux residue, and when no volumes of rinsing solution are used to flush solubilized residues off the board, what happens is the redistribution of flux residue to nearby areas of the assembly.
While again demonstrating that a metal component of a particle can be solubilized, mobilized, and transported from the site of original deposition, Elder et al.
Bersin said Moffett poured the chemical into smaller containers and labeled them ``fractionalized and solubilized kava-kava lactones.
The solubilized portion of the expanded grounds now makes up 50-60% of the weight of most instant coffees.
The results of this study indicate that Obagi Medical Products' novel solubilized BPO technology may improve the treatment options available for the 17 million acne patients in the U.
It entails shampooing the hair with a water-based shampoo containing (A) anionic surfactant, (B) a water-insoluble modified silicone containing at least one of an amino group and a quaternary ammonium group in a molecule thereof, and (C) a water-soluble salt in an amount capable of allowing the B component to be present in a solubilized state.
In our case, co-inoculation of PSM and PGPR strains synergistically solubilized P which were added into the soil and make them much more available for uptake by plant roots.
They cover the R-ratio; aqueous and non-polar solutions containing amphiphiles; the phase behavior and properties of solutions containing amphiphiles, organic liquids, and water: micellar solutions; methods for promoting phase change; compensating changes between formulation variables; solubilization; and the thermodynamics of solubilized systems.
The results of the acute phase showed that both the MicroActive and the solubilized CoQ10 had significantly better bioavailability than the regular crystalline powder.
Nutraceuticals such as lycopene, lutein, isoflavones, phytosterols, vitamins D, A and E, and omega fatty acids have been successfully solubilized by investigators.