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To make substances such as fats soluble in water by the action of a detergent or similar agent.
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However, all the selected isolates were able to solubilize TCP in NBRIP agar media.
Chemistry-assisted cleaning baths can usually be filtered, whereas DI water baths cannot, since the water solubilizes the contaminants.
However, the fact is that we have not failed to solubilize any rubber vulcanizate we have tried.
In a paragraph entitled "Useless Techniques", Sivetz states "the use of enzymes to solubilize cellulose portions of roasted coffee is impractical".
About OncoPlex Diagnostics OncoPlex Diagnostics is the only CAP-accredited, CLIA-certified laboratory to solubilize tumor cell proteins from FFPE tissue and measure the unique peptides in the sample with absolute quantitation.
One Plus Green VOC-compliant solvent contains no VOCs, and according to the company, is the only environmentally acceptable solvent available today that can solubilize the vinyl resins required to make vinyl coatings for marine use.
This concentrate can solubilize nutraceuticals that are poorly soluble in water or in the oil phase at about 15- to 20-fold over their solubility capacity.
Some no-clean fluxes are more water-cleanable than others, but this is typically in open areas; the fluxes do not solubilize or are not rinsed well in areas of entrapment (below components and in vias).
104], naphthenic oils used to solubilize the inks, and the inks themselves.
CoQsource is composed of millions of colloidal droplets that readily solubilize CoQ10 in the GI-tract, thereby improving the transport of CoQ10 through the aqueous phase of the GI-lumen to the absorptive epithelium and hence its bioavailability.
The plates were vigorously shaken in order to solubilize the blue formazan crystals formed.