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To make substances such as fats soluble in water by the action of a detergent or similar agent.
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The solubilization efficiency of 16 isolates was measured at the end of 7 days incubation.
The relative solubilization quotient was determined by dividing the value of the solubilized P by the microbial biomass.
Other technologies designed by drug delivery companies to overcome problems associated with poor water solubility include Skyepharma's IDD solubilization technology used to launch Triglide (Shionogi Pharma Inc.
The kit combines systematic solution design with array-based filtration technology enabling protein researchers to analyze and optimize protein solubilization.
Silica-coated quantum dots have been made in various ways, but the preparations typically involve organometallic routes followed by a solubilization process to make the particles water-soluble.
New and established researchers in pharmaceutical, physical, and biomedical sciences discuss applications of colloids in drug delivery in such terms as controlled release drug delivery, mechanisms of drug release and solubilization in a particular colloidal system, drug targeting, manufacturing particulate products, taste masking, and bioavailability enhancement.
One route involves the production of the insulin precursor using the bacterium Escherichia coli as expression host with complex subsequent isolation, solubilization and refolding procedures.
Albermarle Corporation, Baton Rouge, LA, and, Zymes LLC, Hasbrouck Heights, NJ, have joined forces to increase production of Zymes's proprietary Ubisol-Aqua solubilization technology PTS.
The solubilization of pure PP and the PP phase in the PP/PS blend separation was fitting by using a quasi-stationary approach to the dissolution and consider the induction period.
Elevated concentrations of the metal in extrapulmonary tissues do not prove direct translocation of the original PM, but rather reflect solubilization and mobilization of the Mn from the oxide particle, with subsequent distribution.
Mineralizer nature and concentration--in mineralizer's presence, the solubilization is taking place;
The Lilly research facility will use the BioCube System to perform compound solubilization for drug discovery research.