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To make substances such as fats soluble in water by the action of a detergent or similar agent.
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Key words: Zinc Solubilisation, HPLC, Gluconic acid, Plant Growth Promoting Bacteria, Proline.
Immunoglobulins generate a solubilisation of the immune complexes.
After attachment to bone, the ruffled border secretes enzymes and protons, TRAP and cathepsin K, enabling the solubilisation and digestion of the bone matrix.
The amphiphilic micelles helps in delivery of variety of chemotherapeutic agents due to their inherent property of solubilisation of hydrophobic moiety within the core of micelles facilitating hydrophilic molecules to get adsorbed on the micelle surface [8].
However, some more sophisticated models have meanwhile been developed, such as triple-cell culture models encompassing also macrophage-like cells [67], which have been coupled to preceding simulated in vitro digestion, and also models that allow studying the interaction with bacteria and gut cells, such as the microfluidic HUMIX model [129], which however requires complete solubilisation of compounds and works only with small volumes (<100 [micro]L).
This combination facilitates the marinade's even distribution, disrupting muscle structure, promoting the extraction and solubilisation of myofibrillar protein complex, and consequently changing the protein properties and increasing the WBC of meat products (Cassidy et al.
This includes enzymes to accelerate the extraction process, increase yields, reduce viscosity, improve the solubilisation of debris, aid clarification, enhance flavour and more.
These symptoms could be attributed to the solubilisation of metals in the soil at levels greater than the phytotoxicity limit in the region of the rhizosphere as well as the phytotoxicity of the EDTA itself (EVANGELOU et al.
NTA showed relatively inadequate solubilisation, although for Cr it performed equal to EDTA.
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ECM fungi and bacteria also jointly contribute to weathering and solubilisation processes (Calvaruso et al.