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To make substances such as fats soluble in water by the action of a detergent or similar agent.
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The Systems Toxicology Unit as part of IHCP is launching a call for tender for the purchase of a high throughput multi-probe sonicator for compound solubilisation and resuspending in liquid media.
A small amount of soil C solubilisation was measured in the artificial urine treatments (Fig.
2009a,b) showed that the mechanochemical activation obtained by cogrinding Silybum mari-anum dry extract with crosslinked polymers and betacyclodextrins remarkably enhances the solubilisation kinetics of the drug.
The enhanced degradability has been ascribed to a solubilisation of total phenolics (Chesson, 1981), arabinoxylans and cellulose (Lindberg et al.
In the case of phosphate solubilisation by organic anion excretion from plant roots, if excretion of the organic anion is accompanied by excretion of proton, the pH of the rhizosphere may decrease, and in some soils this may solubilise phosphate.
There are now twelve approved products incorporating SkyePharma's technologies in the areas of oral, injectable, inhaled and topical delivery, supported by advanced solubilisation capabilities.
2009), the increase in solution P with phased addition may be partly due to the solubilisation of endogenous P.
The MoxDuo CR formulation contains proprietary technology to limit tampering or abuse by inhalation or solubilisation in water or alcohol.
Regarding the clinical setting a solvent-free application of triterpene acids is required which may be possible by solubilisation of triterpenoids with cyclodextrins (CD).
The high soil solution P concentrations associated with granule dissolution will drive sorption of P onto solid phase surfaces, while P solubilisation will dominate upon low soil solution P concentrations.