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/sol·i·tary/ (sol´ĭ-tar″e)
1. alone; separated from others.
2. living alone or in pairs only.


(sŏl′ĭ-tăr-ē) [L. solitarius, aloneness]
Alone; single or existing separately.


being the only one or ones.

solitary cyst
solitary tract nucleus
the brainstem nucleus of the solitary tract, the tract carrying afferent parasympathetic nerve fibers.

Patient discussion about solitary

Q. Can any one let me know what the single best exercise for legs is? I tried lots of exercise for legs which finally ended in pain. Can any one let me know what the single best exercise for legs is?

A. The best exercise for your legs is "Squats," says a professor (Ph.D.,) of kinesiology at the University of Connecticut. Our experts are in accord: Nothing builds legs like squats because they're a compound movement that stimulates all major muscles of the legs.

Q. In what way the herbal drugs are safer when compared to their single active ingredients?

A. What makes the difference is the presences of different constituents of plant materials which makes them more balanced when compared to isolated plant ingredients and is less likely to cause side-effects and the herbs are prescribed in different combination thus they balance each other.

Q. can any one tell me whether could a person with bipolar disorder, be a single parent? I am unmarried. I had a lot of dreams in my family life but my husband expired the next month soon after our marriage. I am not pregnant too. I don’t want to remarry because I am recently diagnosed as bipolar. I don’t know whether my suffering will spoil my partner’s happiness if I marry. So I like to live alone and to give life to an orphanage child. So can any one tell me whether could a person with bipolar disorder, be a single parent?

A. Okay here is what I think. Bipolar disorder effects everyone in the family. It is important that you find someone to share your life with if that is what you want out of life. There are many of us out there that are patient and caring, it is an issue of being honest and waiting for the right person. If you are being treated and are stable I dont think it would be a problem addopting a child. Be honest and things will work out. Continue your treatments and stay on top of your illness and you can have everything in your life that you desire. When it is ment to be it will be. Be patient, show the agency that you are stable and are being treated for the illness. You are fully capable of giving a child a great life. Good luck!

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As they matured, the young distributed themselves more widely through the space available in the cage but continued to aggregate in sibling groups or in groups near the mother, with only a few individuals found solitarily until reaching sexual maturity (Figs.
We were unable to determine whether our bird was roosting communally or solitarily, but seeking a communal roost would not in itself adequately explain the long commutes we observed, because our bird was already flocking with conspecifics within its diurnal home ranges.
They nest solitarily and are frequently encountered along the Beagle Channel.
This is consistent in part with a study on Navarino Island, south of the IGTF, which suggests that species nesting solitarily, in coastal habitat with rocky outcrop shores and concealed nests, such as Kelp Geese and Flightless Steamer Ducks, are most vulnerable to predation by minks (Schuttler et al.
The Anhinga (Anhinga anhinga) forages mostly solitarily in South America (Haverschmidt 1971, Sick 1997).
05, Table 3), and between foraging solitarily and foraging in flocks (P < 0.
Warblers took more hops when searching solitarily during periods of low migrant density, especially at Smith Point.
We investigated tern feeding behavior within mixed-species aggregations of wading birds and while foraging solitarily in a salt marsh in southern New Jersey, USA.
Observations were also conducted on terns foraging solitarily.
Numbers of nests in dispersed aggregations range from <10 nests to several hundred nests and Brant may also nest solitarily.
Morton (1980) and Staicer (1992) observed individuals going to roost and vocalizing at dawn on diurnal home ranges, and it is generally assumed that many winter-territorial migrant songbirds roost solitarily at night on their diurnal home range.