solid-state detector

sol·id-state de·tec·tor

a detector that uses a crystalline scintillating material rather than an ionization chamber to detect or measure radiation.
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Contract notice: Delivery digital x-ray imaging system with solid-state detector technology for skeletal and thoracic radiographs as well as general radiography.
The whole telescope is basically a set of nested reflective mirrors," which are designed to deflect light onto the special solid-state detector, said Koglin.
For the same sensitivity to neutrons, the solid-state detector would contain a 4-centimeter by 4-centimeter square film of boron nitride that is 100 microns thick.
The deal, in line with XCounter's growth strategy, adds Ajat's solid-state detector technologies to XCounter's tomosynthesis, photon counting and electronic capabilities.
Dublin, Ohio, introduced a device with a patented solid-state detector, rather than an ionization chamber, adjacent to the x-ray transmitter.
The enabling technology of Sandia's approach is based on a new type of solid-state detector designed with a semiconductor crystal alloy of cadmium, zinc, and telluride, which can operate at room temperature--a key advantage over conventional silicon- and germanium-based devices.
The solid-state detector is incorporated into an isothermal camera design.
is the optic design that utilizes CCD detector technology, which is a solid-state detector rather than traditional photomultiplier tubes.
Contract notice: Delivery and assembly of a multifunctional c-arm system with digital solid-state detector for the idar-oberstein clinic.
For about a decade, solid-state detector technology has been used in some spectrometers in place of photo-multiplier tubes (PMT's), because it allowed the design of optics with reduced dimensions (bench-tops or portable spectrometers) and increased flexibility regarding analytical lines selection, multi-matrix applications and up-grades.
PekinElmer's AAnalysis 600 Spectrometer features a solid-state detector for analysis using the complete AA wavelength range.
Los one Digital X-ray modality consisting of - Bucky table with ceiling mount, if necessary, as Refurbisht system;- Bucky wall stand, if necessary, as Refurbisht system;- X-ray generator, if necessary, as Refurbisht system;- Solid-state detector.

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