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A verruca is a painful wart on the sole of the foot that has been pushed deep into the skin by the pressure of walking.
This is a condition where there is inflammation of the tight band of fibre that forms the sole of the foot from the toes to the heel bone.
Rather than signature ridges, the sole of the foot has an identifiable pressure signature that can be used to identify someone with 99 percent accuracy, an analysis of 104 individuals reveals.
Linking a suspect to the sole of the foot is managed by unique pressure signatures that identify with a 99 percent accuracy based on an analysis of 104 individuals.
A stone or a nail can puncture the sole of the foot and start an infection.
Then knead the skin on the sole of the foot in a circular motion with your fingers.
A Plantar fasciitis causes pain on the sole of the foot, usually under the heel.
The chance of having foot pain increases with age because the fat padding the sole of the foot wears down, reducing the cushion that protects the foot.
Sudden stretching of the sole of the foot may make pain worse, for example, walking up stairs or on tip-toes.
Which gulf lies between the heel and sole of the foot of Italy?
People with the syndrome complain of numbness, tingling, burning or other painful sensations on the sole of the foot.
These include all the usual suspects prone to injury in runners: the Achilles tendon, the iliotibial band, the plantar arch and the peroneus longus muscle, which runs down the outer shin to the sole of the foot.