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harzianum T9) and soil solarization (mulching), and the treatment combinations including Uninoculated control, Inoculated S.
As soil fumigant use becomes more restricted, UC researchers are studying alternative pest supression strategies such as soil solarization, shown here, and anaerobic soil disinfestation.
Mauromicale G, Lo Monaco A, Longo AMG (2010) Improved efficiency of soil solarization for growth and yield of greenhouse tomatoes.
Solarization became a main topic in place of soil steaming and soil fumigation.
In soil solarization, the soil is cultivated to bring weed seeds to the point of germinating, then cooked so the seeds die as they sprout.
Effect of cauliflower residue amendments and soil solarization on Verticillium wilt control in artichoke.
Single spool SGT-800 engine responds to solarization by slightly increasing the compressor pressure ratio, since the inlet air mass flow is governed only by the ambient conditions.
Slimline's filter glass inhibits solarization a reported 50 times longer than other existing transilluminators, which extends the filter life as well as provides greater brightnesss during use.
Although Man Ray took credit for the accidental discovery of the solarization process, it was Miller who accidentally rediscovered it.
He invented many techniques, including solarization, overdevelopment, retinatura, and grains obtained in the shooting or printing phase, and he often touched up his photographs with colored pastels.
Greenhouse Soil Disinfection from drechsleri disease and other negative factors and weeds by soil solarization of cucumber in Isfahan.
Solarization works best in full sun and warm inland locations.